Guiding hiking disekitar Bandung

District One mengenalkan turis pada keindahan banyak trek tersembunyi di Bandung. Banyak trek yang kami sediakan di sini yang tidak populer bahkan untuk penduduk Bandung, namun luar biasa.

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Pengalaman hiking yang sangat bagus. District One membawa kami ke beberapa air terjun yang indah. Putriku sangat menikmatinya. Treknya juga aman untuk anak-anak. District One juga menjaganya dengan sangat baik.



My brother and I went for this experience with District One and it was amazing! Definitely would not have been able to do this on our own and we’re so glad we decided to book this trip. District One was also very flexible with the dates and timings so I’d suggest messaging him even if you don’t see available dates. We had a really great time and would definitely recommend this experience to anyone who wants to do some hiking in Bandung! 



District One brings you to a place for a hike in wonderful setting with nature (5 waterfalls) and plantation and even some wildlife you don’t expect so close to Bandung. I had a fabulous time – given that we were talking and sharing travel experience a lot it was just incredible joyful and active. Thanks for a great experience- I have some superb pics and great memories.



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Wisata Desa

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District One is a very kind and generous so District One made us very comfortable. The experience is what you can have in Bandung only. I recommend very strongly this experience. Even though I cancel my hiking experience with District One due to my health problem in Bandung, District One agreed to refund to me cordially, which made me so emotionally be touched.



Yes, many tracks we provide here are not popular even for Bandung resident, yet they are amazing. Our mission is to introduce tourist to the beauty of many hidden tracks in Bandung. If you have experience in hiking or the destination is a popular tourism spot, we encourage you to do it yourself but if you do not know how to go there we advise you to be guided by experience guide like us.